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Katrina Jackson, also known as “Kat Tat” is a young woman of many talents: tattoo artist, painter, model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, social media and pop culture influencer, and now reality television star. She began tattooing while studying mathematics at the University of Missouri at the tender age of 18. After three years of struggling as both a math major and tattoo artist, she decided to drop out of school to pursue her real passion, tattooing. 

After working at a number of different shops in Chicago, she joined forces with a talented group of male tattoo artists in Chicago: Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, “Phor”, and “Jet”. Together they formed 9MAG, which soon became the most popular urban tattoo shop in Chicago. Kat, being the only female artist in the shop, held her own weight and quickly made a name for herself as one of the most sought after tattoo artists in the industry, with a strong celebrity clientele including rapper King Louie, Superbowl champions Jamie Collins (NE Patriots) and Shane Ray (Denver Broncos), and countless more. 

The artists of 9MAG were eventually discovered by a major production company, and are now all-stars of VH1’s hit series, “Black Ink Crew: Chicago”. As a non stop force in the tattoo and art industry, her work cannot be denied and has been the top of discussion on numerous platforms including ESPN, Rolling Stone, VH1, Windy City Live, and many others. 

With a strong passion for women’s empowerment and femininity, her paintings often feature a beautiful muse as the central focus. “I believe all women deserve confidence, radiance, and the ability to feel AMAZING about themselves.” Katrina has no plans to stop creating anytime soon and has solidified herself in this society as a beautiful and talented force to be recon with.


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