#KatTatTuesday: Blonde Ambition

So I have naturally brown hair but I have been switching colors non stop since I was about 16 years old. From highlights, to auburn red, to jet black, and back again I’ve done it all. With an African American father and a Korean and Caucasian mother, thankfully my hair was strong enough to withhold all the damage throughout the years. But finally, after straightening my hair almost EVERY single day due to being seen on Television, I’ve recently noticed a change in the texture of my hair. My thick, frizzy curl turned into a loose limp wave. I never knew how good I had it until it was gone, which is crazy because I used to try any and every product I could in order to tame my hair.

With that being said, I had been contemplating on whether I want to do the “Big Chop” for a while now. I didn’t know if I wanted a pixie cut (considering I have a huge head and chubby cheeks), I wasn’t sure how that would look on me. So I held off on making any changes just yet. One day a few weeks ago, I walked into the Ulta in the Roosevelt collection to buy some NYX lip liner and to my surprise they had a full hair salon. Being my impulsive self, that was a sign that it was time to do it! I walked over to the salon and was greeted by a smooth guy named Az. He said “What do you want to do today?” My reply, “I’m not sure, do anything.” “Do you want something drastic? or subtle?” I suddenly started to feel so nervous so I told him “You know what, Just clip my ends.” He looked at my ends, turned my chair around so I could see the back of my head, and replied “Honey, all of this needs to go” while pointing at about 5-6 inches of raggedy hair. About 30 seconds later, another one of the employees walked over with the cutest bob! I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and said “OKAY, JUST DO IT!” He put my hair into a pony tail, twisted it up, and “snip snip!” He handed me all of the dead hair, and when I turned around I had myself a fly new cut!


Now here’s the fun part. I ran past some pictures of platinum blonde hair on some girls with my skin completion and immediately fell in love. Now when it comes to color, I would never just walk into a random salon and trust them with all those chemicals. So I called my good friend Aymen who works at Yehias in the neighborhood that I grew up in. He specializes in drastic color changes and color correction. “Aymen, I wanna go platinum!” That was the text I sent him close to 11 oclock at night (again there goes my impulse). He told me he could get me in the very next morning. I get to the salon, and we get right to work.


He started by lifting my color, then rinsing, then lifting again, then rinsing. The final step was to tone and darken the roots a little bit. By the time we finished I was a true goldy locks blonde. I went home and fell in love with the color. But a few days later, I decided it wasn’t enough, I wanted to go super saiyan platinum blonde! (Which I found out later meant PAIN..PAIN..PAIN!)…


I called Aymen and we decided it was time for round two. This time, we lifted my whole head and waited to do the roots last once again. Now this was the part that killed me. As soon as he applied the color (or remover) to my roots it began to burn so bad!!! 10 minutes he said. To me that sounded like an hour and I almost began to tear up. The only thing I could think of was the moment in the movie “The Temptations where Otis and Al and Blu were in the barbershop crying while getting their hair permed. I suddenly knew exactly how they felt. “You’ve never had a perm girl?” Aymen asked me. “HELL NO!” I replied. I was damn near crying asking him to rinse it out. I didn’t even care what color my hair was at that point, I just wanted this stuff GONE! Finally he rinsed it out, gave me a wet cut to sharpen up my bob, and gave me a beautiful blowout. When I first looked in the mirror I didn’t even know who I was. I wanted to run out the salon and go home so I could stare in the mirror just to figure out who this new woman was! It didn’t take me long to realize how much I love it!!


The next day I found myself scratching all the scabs off my head. My friends Charmaine and Danielle joked with me saying “You’re a REAL black girl now, that’s how our scalp is after a perm.” They told me to stop scratching and that all the crust (gross) will fall off once I wash my hair. Right now Im feeling like this new look is exactly what I needed! We will see how long it lasts. Aymen gave me two products to take care of my hair: Olaplex and a conditioner called “Mascara”. I hear these two together work wonders! It’s only been a couple of days so I haven’t had the chance to wash yet but I will find out how good these products work.


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