Life in La La Land

Moving to LA was a HUGE step for me; both personally and for my brand. It has been one of the biggest learning experiences OF MY LIFE.

To be honest, I moved to LA to get as far away as possible from all the drama that came along with our show “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” and to make the most out of this TV opportunity. Not the people, not my friends or family, and not 9mag, but everything that came along with being a “local celebrity”.


To be in the TV business, you HAVE to have a level head, it was important for me to not get caught up in my own hype”. Because the show is based in Chicago, my biggest following is in there, and to be honest we get a TON of attention there, whether it’s at a club or just going to get something from the store.

It’s easy for that to get to your head, making you think you are a real-life celebrity, and then you get caught up in that life. Here in LA, everybody is “somebody”, so nobody is caught up in my own hype, and its easier to focus on who I am and what I really do, and that’s Kat Tat, the tattoo artist, not the “reality TV star”. I have also learned so much about functioning as a BUSINESS, not a party girl, made a ton of new friends and I even managed to find love (heart eyes). I’m grateful and living my best life.

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